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We Have Choice In Terms Of How We Think, Speak And Act

We have choice in terms of how we think, speak and act in a situation. Quite often, when we make the choice, we are governed by harsh emotions, prejudice, anger and ego. And the end result of it is hatred and numerous other negative problems.

Purity in thought, action and speech is necessary for our good health, happiness and spirituality. Each time when we act and talk under the influence of negative emotions, we damage our good health and our mental well-being. 

We Have Choice In Terms Of How We Think, Speak And Act

Choose words wisely and use kind words. Remain silent and talk only when it is necessary. Always weigh your words before you utter them. Always keep the tongue in control for a happy life.

Always fill the mind with good thoughts. Read, see and hear good things.

Act when necessary and make sure that the actions bring in positive results to others and us.

When we choose the right words to communicate there will be fruitful cooperation.

Many words should never be used. Such words only cause trouble and harm. It also takes us far away from Supreme Truth.

Take stock of our thoughts daily. Know which thoughts are to be eliminated and which thoughts are to be nurtured. Make genuine attempts to remove all negative thoughts.

Our present thoughts are the ones that will determine our future.

Why regret after words and actions. Avoid mistakes and do not indulge in prolonged blunder.

Abhilash Rajendran