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Nelluvai Mullakkal Bhagavathy Temple Festival - History - Information

Nelluvai Mullakkal Bhagavathy Temple is located on the Nelluvai – Pattambi road in Kerala. The main festival in the temple is the Bharani Vela in Makaram month.

Bharani vela in the shrine include Panchavadyam, Melam, Maddala Keli, elephant procession, Thalappoli and ezhunellippu.

Tholpavakoothu is held in Meenam month.

Kalamezhuthu Pattu and Navratri are observed in the temple.

The murti of Devi or Bhagavathi is swayambhu. When the people in the region realized the presence of Goddess Bhagavathi they constructed a raised platform along with mulla flower (jasmine) plant. The temple thus got the name Mullakkal.

The Upa Devta worshipped in the temple is Kshetrapalan.

Main vazhipadu or offering in the temple is Panthirazhi – Kalam Karikkal.

During renovation of the temple, 600 year old gold and silver coins were excavated.