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Kohbar Puja During Marriage In Jharkhand

Kohbar is a traditional painting in Jharkhand. Kohbar Puja involves painting the wall of a room during marriage.

During marriage, the east wall of a room in the house is decorated with Kohbar painting. The painting is one among the important ceremonies during marriage in the house of both the bride and the groom. Prayers and pujas are offered to the painting. Special Kohbar songs are sung during the painting ceremony and puja.

Kohbar Puja During Marriage In Jharkhand

The aim of Khobar puja and song are to instill love between the bride and groom and for a prosperous and happy marriage.

The room in the house in which the painting has been done is also referred to as Kohbar. The bride resides in this room after marriage.

Kohbar Puja And Painting During Marriage In Jharkhand

The paint used in Khobar, also known Koutukgrah or Koshtvar, painting is natural. The colors used in the painting are muslin red, black, yellow, and white. All these colors made from parts of trees including seeds, leaves, bark and resin. Color is also prepared using mud and clay. To make white color, milk is mixed in with mud. Black color is prepared by grinding the seeds of Belva tree. The brush used for painting is also natural. Fingers, nails and twigs made into brush are used for painting.

Kohbar painting is used to decorate the interior of the house. Black and white colors are used to decorate the interior. Leaves, and peacock pictures are most widely used.