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Gada Material Size – Specifications Of Mace Weapon In Hinduism

Gada or Mace was an important weapon used in ancient Hindu world. In Hinduism, mace as weapon is associated with Hanuman and Bhima, the second of Pandavas. Here is a look at the material, size and other specifications of Gada in Hinduism. Gada was made using iron, bronze or wood. The mace had eight corners (the sphere is divided into eight equal parts). The spherical head was attached to a handle or shaft. The sphere had a spike on the top. The size of the mace is from ground to the heart of the user. Sometimes the sphere had spokes. Yama, the Hindu God of Death, is depicted with Gada. Balarama, elder brother of Sri Krishna, too is associated with Gada. He taught how to use the mace to Bhima and Duryodhana. Bhima mortally injured and killed Duryodhana using a mace. King Jarasandha and numerous other kings of ancient Hindu world used the mace. Ghatotkach, the son of Bhima, too was proficient in the use of mace. The mace of Vishnu is known as Kaumodaki. Goddess Durga too hol

Wandering Ascetic Concept In Hinduism

A forest dweller or wandering ascetic (sadhus or sannyasis) in Hinduism is known as Parivrajaka. As per this unique concept in Hindu religion, the person is the one who leaves his home for the sake of god realization. A Parivrajaka is a life style wherein a seeker forsakes attachments in spiritual pursuits on his own. A wandering ascetic was without family bondage and so roamed about seeking contact with different thinkers and teachers. They followed the discourses of philosophers and discussed matters of ethics, philosophy and mysticism. Sometimes they lived with their preceptors before moving on to the next stage. Most of the wandering ascetics lived alone and did not recognize the institution of any master. They pursued knowledge on their own. They never organized themselves into any institution and so were not governed by any rules or ideals. Any person, without attaching oneself to any particular sect or group, can become a wandering ascetic in Hinduism.

Parihara Rituals In Hinduism

Parihara rituals is to eliminate wrong acts is an important concept in Hinduism. According to the ancient Vedic texts, the four stages of life in Hindu religion (brahmacharya, grihasta, vanaprastha and sannyasa) are duty bound. All this duties are mandatory and are expected to be performed in the form of rituals. If any of the rituals is neglected, he is considered a sinner, which has to be cleansed by the remedial measures known as parihara. Parihara is a necessary tool for Hindus whereby, through performing various rituals, evil forces are destroyed. Hindu knowledge texts elucidate a number of pariharas, which may help the wrong doer to eliminate the sins he had committed. For example, Veda mantras uttered with the knowledge of their meaning will lead to expiation of wrong act, i.e., papa parihara. To absolve himself of the heinous crimes he had committed or as the repentance of previous sins, he is obliged to gift some long to the needy as papa pariharam. Shanti P

Good Food For Mind

Negative thoughts and feelings harm us more than the person or persons on whom it is directed. The best way to keep negative thoughts and feelings is to engage in hobbies like gardening, reading, music, writing, dancing etc. Key to a healthy mind is realizing that happiness does not reside outside. Positive thoughts, acceptance and contentment are good food for the mind. Observing the mind and getting mastery over it is the best method to have a healthy mind. Making money is important. Equally important is to know the real value of it in the larger scheme of things. Anxiety and aggression have never solved a problem or found a solution. Only a calm mind can plan a proper strategy and successfully execute it. Remaining aware can help in overcoming many troubles in the present and in future. Awareness is not General Knowledge; it is something that we have to gather firsthand through search and constantly polishing our thoughts and ideas. Always be thankful fo