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Selfless Service - Essential Part Of Spiritual Life

Selfless service is an essential part of spiritual life.

If we want to know how much spiritually we have advanced; then find out how much unselfish we have become.

When we are on the path of inner growth, we naturally outgrow our narrow thoughts.

When we are able to do our little to alleviate the suffering of another living being, we are getting an inch closer to self realization. The one suffering and the one helping is the same truth.

True selfless love does not expect anything in return. It is like doing something essential for ourselves. We do not thank ourselves after doing something for our physical maintenance.

True selfless service encompasses helping not just humanity but all animate. Helping animals and plant is part of selfless service.

We become a complete human being when we love and serve living beings without any expectation. 

We should never carry the load of selfless service. Forget it the moment you have finished a service and quickly move on to the next opportunity of selfless service.