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Wandering Ascetic Concept In Hinduism

A forest dweller or wandering ascetic (sadhus or sannyasis) in Hinduism is known as Parivrajaka. As per this unique concept in Hindu religion, the person is the one who leaves his home for the sake of god realization. A Parivrajaka is a life style wherein a seeker forsakes attachments in spiritual pursuits on his own.

A wandering ascetic was without family bondage and so roamed about seeking contact with different thinkers and teachers.

They followed the discourses of philosophers and discussed matters of ethics, philosophy and mysticism. Sometimes they lived with their preceptors before moving on to the next stage.

Most of the wandering ascetics lived alone and did not recognize the institution of any master. They pursued knowledge on their own. They never organized themselves into any institution and so were not governed by any rules or ideals.

Any person, without attaching oneself to any particular sect or group, can become a wandering ascetic in Hinduism.