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Anger Is My Slave - Story Hindu Sannyasi Teaching Alexander The Great An Important Lesson

There are several stories associated with Alexander and Hindu saints. Here is one such story - Story of Hindu Sannyasi teaching Alexander the Great an important lesson of life that one should never be a slave of anger.

Alexander the Great was about to return to Greece from India. He was impressed by the Hindu yogis he met and he wanted to take a Yogi to Greece. So, he went searching in the forest to find a yogi.

Soon he found a yogi sitting under a tree and quietly sat down next to him. Alexander patiently waited for the yogi to finish his meditation. Few A few minutes later the yogi opened his eyes.

Alexander said to him ‘I want you to come to Greece with me.’ 

 The yogi just looked at him. 

Alexander continued, ‘If you come with me you will have your own people to attend to your needs and you will be well known in the world.’ 

But the yogi was not interested.

Alexander tried all means of persuading the yogi but the yogi showed no interest. 

Alexander lost his patience and drew his sword and shouted, ‘Do you not realize who I am, I am Alexander, the great conqueror, and if I want I can cut you up into pieces!’

The yogi sat calmly and looked into the eyes of Alexander. He then smiled and replied, ‘You have made two statements, neither of which is true. Firstly you cannot cut me into pieces; you may be able to injure my body, but I am the eternal soul, deathless, immortal.’

‘And secondly, you say you are Alexander, the great conqueror, but may I tell you that in fact, you are nothing more than the slave of my slave’.

Alexander soon realized his folly and put his sword away and asked the yogi to explain what he meant.

The yogi said ‘I have conquered anger through the process of meditation, and yet look how easily anger gets the better of you. Anger is my slave and you have become the slave of anger.’

(Source: From a discourse by Yogesh Sharda, a co-ordinator of the Brahma Kumaris Centre in Istanbul)