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Benefits of Observing Kalashtami Vrat

Kalashtami Vrat is dedicated to Kaal Bhairav form of Shiva and it is observed on the eighth day (Ashtami) after full moon day (Purnima). Here are the benefits of observing Kalashtami Vrat:
  • All the negative energy present in the house will be removed by observing Kalashtami vrat. Puja of Rudra Shiva is performed on Kalashtami.
  • There will be peace and prosperity in the house.
  • Fights in the family especially between husband and wife will be solved after observing the vrat.
  • Those troubled by evil forces, ghosts and other divine and magical creatures will find relief after observing the Kalashtami Vrat.
  • Feeding black dog on the day helps in overcoming career problems.
  • The vrat is also kept by many to defeat enemies.
  • It is good for removing vastu dosha from home.
  • Those facing mental problems will find relief.
  • If you are under depression or constantly troubled by stress and tension then Kalashtami vrat will help in finding relief.