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Self-realization Is The Goal Of Life

Sensory enjoyments, satisfying ego, prestige, power and popularity are the goals for majority of us. However, in reality they open the gates of sorrow and misery. These are never ending goals. As there is no satisfaction. You crave for more. There is no end to the external cravings.

Our goals change when we are able to clearly understand real and unreal.

True happiness is not in the external. It is in the internal. When the internal is understood in its clearest and profoundest manner, we begin the journey of Self Realization.

Expansion of our spiritual dimension takes place not only through the exercise of intellect but also through purifying, training and refining the mind.

Self-realization is the goal of human life.

Self-realization is not to found in caves or distant mountains. It has to be achieved while performing our karma by following Dharma.

Ignorance and fear are the two main impediments in the path of self realization.

They can be overcome only through proper understanding of our real nature.