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Story Of Chyavan – Son Of Puloma And Sage Bhrigu

The story of the interesting birth of Chyavan son of Puloma and Sage Bhrigu is found in the Kashidasi Mahabharat. Bhrigu was the son of Lord Brahma and his wife was Puloma.

Puloma was pregnant and Sage Bhrigu went to perform his daily ablutions in a nearby river.

A demon disguised as a sage came to the ashram of Bhrigu with the intention of kidnapping her. Not knowing the intention of the demon, Puloma invited the guest for food and offered him fruits.

The demon had other intentions and addressed the fire burning in the kitchen. He asked the fire to be his witness.

He wanted the fire to tell Puloma that her father had promised her in marriage to him. But broke it and got her married to Sage Bhrigu.

Agni was not sure. So he whispered that Puloma’s father might have done that but she is sure that Bhrigu wedded her by going around the fire so she is now the wife of Bhrigu.

The demon was unhappy with the answer of Agni and decided to forcibly take Puloma away.

Puloma was highly disturbed. She was trembling with fear. Suddenly she screeched in pain and gave birth to a son. The newborn looked at the demon angrily and he was burnt to ashes. The newborn was named Chyavan.