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There is constant anger around us but we need not join

There is always anger around us in the form of demonstrations, debates, revenge, arguments etc. This anger is a human-made disaster. There is tension, resentment and violence due to this anger. But we need not join in all these madness simply because anger never produces any positive results.

Sometimes we might make few gains through anger. Now someone else is angry due to our action. We just transferred our anger to someone else. Anger always sows the seeds of anger. It also gives birth to remorse.

Anger is an undisciplined energy. We cannot think properly in anger. When there is some injustice, we get angry. This anger has to be channelized in a positive way that we calmly overcome the injustice. It has to be controlled and used in a peaceful way towards finding a solution to the injustice.
Controlling anger does not mean you should take everything lying down. Controlling anger is not allowing others to trample us. Instead of using it for destructive purpose, anger should be controlled and disciplined. The energy should be used for our welfare.