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Teachings from Vedartha Sangraha of Sri Ramanujacharya

A collection of teachings from the Vedartha Sangraha of Sri Ramanujacharya.

The Supreme Being endows all sentient beings with the power of thought and power of action. Thus the general equipment needed for the performance as well as the non-performance of actions is furnished by him.

Then in order to manage the situation, he becomes the support and basis of all, enters into all beings and governs from within by his approbation of acts of individual will.

He abides as the fundamental ‘sesin’ of all, all the individuals being subsidiary to him. The individual, thus equipped with all the requisite powers and facilities, endowed with the power of initiative, engages in actions and abstinence from action by his own spontaneity of will.

The Supreme Being, witnessing his activity, remains unconcerned. Thus the whole situation is intelligible.