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What Is Poomoodal Ritual In Kerala Temples?

Poomoodal is an important ritual performed in many temples in North Kerala. The ritual is performed for desire fulfillment. The most famous poomoodal ritual is held at the Kadampuzha Devi Temple.

Basis Of Poomoodal Ritual

The basis of poomoodal ritual is based on Shiva as Keeratamurti fighting Arjuna during the exile period of Pandavas in the Mahabharata. To test the agility and firmness of Arjuna, Shiva took the form of a hunter and fought with the Pandava. It is believed that all the arrows that were shot by Arjuna at the hunter form of Shiva was turned into flowers by Kadampuzha Devi (form of Mother Goddess Shakti). The ritual is performed on the basis of this divine incident.

What Is Poomoodal Ritual In Kerala Temples?

How Is Poomoodal Ritual Performed?

The ritual involves covering the deity worshipped in the temple with flower.

The murti of the deity in the sanctum sanctorum is completely covered with Chethi Poo (Jungle Geranium or Ixora Coccinea). Food offerings are also made as part of the ritual and this include palpayasam (sweet made of rice and milk) and ari naivedyam (another rice offering).

Poor people are offered food on the day when the puja is performed.

The ritual is so popular that as per 2012 news report the poomoodal pooja in Kadampuzha temple is already booked for 40 years.