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Quilla Temple Of Sri Rama In Nizamabad – Raghunatha Alayam Telangana

Quilla Temple is located inside Quilla Indur or Fort Indur in Nizamabad, Telangana. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ram. The shrine is also known as Raghunatha Alayam as Ragunath Rishi performed intense austerities and meditation here.

The fort and the temple is believed to have constructed by the Rashtrakuta Kings in the 10th century.

Quilla Temple Dedicated to Lord Ram in Nizamabad – Raghunatha Alayam In Nizamabad - Telangana

The fort has fountains, meditation hall and kalyana mantapa (marriage hall).

The Shri Ram Temple in the fort is the biggest and is noted for its magnificence.

The murti of Sri Ram is in the shape of Kurma (tortoise). Mata Sita is seated nearby.

The meditation hall in the fort is where Rishi Raghunatha Swami spent several years meditating. If one sits and chant ‘OM’ in the hall we can hear it echoing.

A big pillar near the temple with a lamp atop it is lit every day.

There is also an ornate Dwajasthambam or flag post in front of the temple.

At the bottom of the hillock, on which the Sri Ram temple stands, there is a temple dedicated to Hanuman. The murti of Hanuman here is unique as its mouth is wide open.

There is a water tank adjacent to the fort known Raghunatha tank or Boddemma Tank. It is believed that Rishi Raghunatha used to go through one of the underground passages to have his bath in this tank.