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Go Beyond Landscape – Peaks – Blue waters To See The Truth

How will you meditate on Him? He is all-pervading. He is in all forms. He is also beyond forms. He inhabits the entire universe. He is also beyond the universe. He holds time and space in his bosom. He is also timeless and spaceless.

How will you hold the supreme Being in your mind, whom thoughts cannot reach, whom speech cannot express? But He is also manifest within your heart as your innermost Self. Right here in the depth of the heart his light is constantly shining.

 In order to realize him you will not have to go anywhere. Nowhere can you find Him but in your heart. It is in the depth of your heart that you can know him directly, most intimately.

Vain is your search in the mountain cave, in the beautiful landscape, in the new peaks, in the expanse of the deep blue waters, in the flowering meadows, in the starry heaven. Nowhere can you reach Him.

Everywhere you can see his manifestation, but not Him. His very manifestation hides Him from you. The supreme Lord, who manifests and sustains the universe, has hidden himself by His own glory, as it were. We see only his manifestation.

Turn your thought inward, into the inmost depths of your being. There He is shining as your very Self, as the Soul of your soul. Deep within your hear there is a luminous space, the seat of your intellect, your right knowledge. Visualize the luminous space within your heart. Here is the very center of your personality. Here is the very basis of your being. Meditate on that luminous space, as the region of your self-awareness, as the abode of your spiritual self.

SourceLiving Wisdom by Swami Satprakashananda