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Real Individuality Is Only To Be Found In The Self

The real individuality is only to be found in the Self, the Divine Substance of our being. Individuality means the ultimate undivided something in us which defines and makes us. All concepts and definition based on body-mind are subject to change and destruction and are hence inconsistent with the ever-present reality of our being. This of course produces fear, which though unfounded, is a thing to be handled in the right way or else it becomes a great obstacle in our spiritual striving.

Fear is a powerful emotion. No one is devoid it. In some measure and form, everyone has some fear or other. A popular verse says that desire for food, sleep, progeny and the feeling of fear is common to both animals and man. Only man, endowed with a superior intelligence and understanding can overcome these instincts and live a life of Dharma, righteousness, and ultimately discover his inherent divinity. (Vedanta Kesari Editorial March 2016)

Protection Of The Guru Explained Through Ashta Kashti Game - Teachings Of Sri Ramakrishna

In a play of dice called Ashta Kashti the pieces must pass through all the squares of the checkers before they reach the central square of rest and non-return. But so long as a pawn does not reach that square, it is liable to return again and again to its starting point and commence its weary journey many times over. If, however, two pawns happen to start their journey in unison and move jointly from square to square, they cannot be forced back by any winner.

Similarly in the world, those who start on their career of devotional practices, first uniting themselves with their guru and Ishta (chosen deity) need fear no reverses and difficulties and their progress will be smooth, unimpeded and without any retrogression.

Samadhi And Work

Devotee: Is it possible to enjoy samadhi while busy with worldly work?

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi: It is the feeling “I work" that is the hindrance. Ask yourself, 'Who works?' Remember who you are. Then the work will not bind you. It will go on automatically. Make no effort either to work or to renounce; your effort is the bondage. What is destined to happen will happen. If you are destined to work, you will not be able to avoid if; you will be forced to engage in it. So leave it to the Higher Power. It is not really your choice whether you renounce or retain.

When women carrying jars of water on their heads stop to talk, they are very careful, keeping their mind on the water jars. Similarly, when a sage engages in activity, his mind remains fixed in the Self and his activity does not distract him.