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Dadhikravan – Horse Mentioned In Vedas

Dadhikravan is a celestial steed (a spirited horse for state or war) mentioned in Vedas. There are numerous verses in the Vedas that portray horses drawing the carts of the Devas (gods).

Dadhikravan is glorified in a few hymns of Rig Veda (iv. 38 -44).

Vedic lexicon mentions the term as a synonym of the horse.

Dadhikravan is stated to be a swift because of his position as the first at the head of the chariots, and his swiftness is that of the wind. He is described as the vanquisher of chariots.

Every descendant of the Puru lineage praises him as he bounds along winding paths. He is compared with a bird in flight; he is addressed as a swooping eagle. Another hymn refers to him as a hamsa (swan) dwelling in light.

Dadhikravan is glorified as a hero attacking the Dasyus and being triumphant. He is dreadful to his adversaries like the thunder of heaven and brings wealth.