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Importance Of Taking Oil Bath In Hindu Religion

Most of us Hindus might be aware of taking oil bath during Diwali or Deepavali which is a tradition in many Hindu homes. But sacred Hindu scriptures and Ayurveda suggest the importance of taking oil bath periodically.

Ayurveda suggests oil bath for regaining the balance of the body which gets upset due disturbance in the body.

The ideal day for taking oil bath in Hindu tradition is Chaturdashi or the 14th day during the fortnight. In a week the day suggested is Saturday or Shanivar. It is indicated in scriptures that planet Saturn, or Shani, is associated with sleepiness and therefore it is the ideal day to take rest.

For women the ideal day for oil bath is Friday, especially during the afternoon hours.

An interesting commonality is that the planets that rule Friday, Saturday and Chaturdasi are associated with long life.

There are also shlokas associated with oil bath and this varies from community to community. One of the popular Shloka is the chanting of the names of the seven Chiranjeevis in Hindu Scriptures.