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Patience Is The Sign Of True Knowledge - Quotes

A true renunciate is one who can practice the quality of patience in the midst of pressing situations.

Patience is the sign of true knowledge.

There are many things in life that arrive on their own schedule. We humans have no control over them. So we need to show the patience to wait.

Life is never a smooth flow. There will be difficulties. Patiently facing the difficulties of life and using the twist, turns and falls in life to learn and evolve is the true character of a spiritually inclined person.

Learn from the hen who patiently sits on the egg for 21 days. For anything creative and constructive to happen we need to show tons of patience.

There is an opportunity and a valuable lesson in every difficult situation.

Peace stands on the two pillars of patience and wisdom.

Along with knowledge, determination and hard work, patience is an important virtue needed to achieve success.

Even the toughest question in life becomes easy if we have patience. 

There will always be dark hours in life to overcome it we need to develop patience.