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Good Food For Mind - A Collection Of Positive Quotes Based On Hindu Teachings

A collection of positive quotes based on Hindu teachings - this good thoughts can provide the good food for mind.

Negative thoughts and feelings harm us more than the person or persons on whom it is directed.

The best way to keep negative thoughts and feelings is to engage in hobbies like gardening, reading, music, writing, dancing etc.

Key to a healthy mind is realizing that happiness does not reside outside.

Positive thoughts, acceptance and contentment are good food for the mind.

Observing the mind and getting mastery over it is the best method to have a healthy mind.

Making money is important. Equally important is to know the real value of it in the larger scheme of things.

Anxiety and aggression have never solved a problem or found a solution.

Only a calm mind can plan a proper strategy and successfully execute it.

Remaining aware can help in overcoming many troubles in the present and in future. Awareness is not General Knowledge; it is something that we have to gather firsthand through search and constantly polishing our thoughts and ideas.

Always be thankful for what you have rather complaining about what you do not have.

If we cannot tolerate pains and disappointments then we can never fulfill our dreams.

It takes lot of time and dedication to build trust but it can be destroyed quickly.

Make decisions based on the complete picture.

There is no special ideal and good time; every time is good to begin something good.

We often fail to appreciate many things that make our life happy.

Face your fears with confidence. There is no point in suffering. Face it and get over it.

It is important to focus on what gives us satisfaction and to work towards it with utmost dedication.

Allow children to develop into confident individuals capable of taking decisions independently.

To face the world we need huge wealth of self-assurance and belief within. Nothing can break us when we are strong from within.

Forget the result; be determined to do our duty in the best possible manner.

For success in any job, make ourselves indispensable.

Never let our work affect our family and friends.

We do not live up to our potential when we are dependent on others.

When we have someone to bail us out we find thousands of excuses to quit a job. We do not try hard too.

We sabotage our growth and personal development when we constantly have someone to depend upon.

We should aim to attain financial independence at the earliest. Then all other freedom follows.

There will be confusion, anger and frustration in the beginning. If the decision is firm then soon we will discover who we are.

Real cause of suffering is unwanted desires

Those desires that give rise to anger, lust and greed should be shunned.

We cannot escape from desire. It is always present. But one should have firm control over desire.

The door to liberation opens when we have command over our desires.

The root cause for all suffering is unnecessary desires.

Majority of our desires are for impermanent things.

Never ending desire for impermanent things is due to ignorance.

Life can be difficult. Life can be easy. It all depends on how one adjusts to situations.

When proper adjustments are made in our mind, we are ready to face people and situations.

The best adjustment in life is to convert negative emotions into positive emotions.

Emotions like anger and resentment should be turned into thoughts of compassion and empathy.

Replace jealousy with abundance. Bless the one you are jealous with abundance.

Acceptance and understanding helps in having healthy relationships.

Replace greed with gratitude. Be happy for what we have and what we are.

Best way to measure a man’s worth is in crisis.

Every day strive to do our very best. Then go and have a good rest.

Never do that you do not love. You will never be giving your hundred percent. It reduces efficiency, creates tension and bad result.

Give without expectation. Only such charity reaps peace.

If we start complaining, there is so much to complain about. Life is a matter of habit. We should always have a positive view.

Positive attitude can make a great difference in life.

Anticipating troubles only produce unnecessary worry and tension.

Excessive worry makes us unfit and erodes our strength. It clouds our vision and distracts our thinking process.

We all have tremendous potential to overcome obstacles and achieve success. We all have the strength to face difficulties and overcome them. Only we have to realize our true potential and strengths.

Thousands will tell us we cannot do it. Ignore them. Because we believe, we can do it.

Do not stop until you have achieved your goal. There will be people to stop you.

A new goal can be set at any age.

Stop only when you have reached the destination. Do not stop because you are tired.

If you want to be something then you should be prepared to face criticism.

Problems will always be there. Keep it aside and concentrate on your dreams.

Problems melt when dreams are fulfilled.

The offering of a true devotee is dearer to God than all external forms of worship.

How can we judge the sins of others when our sins are looming over our heads?

Learn to let go and relax. This will help in overcoming many tough situations in life.

Never give a thought about benefit. Help people whenever you can.

Love and forgiveness are the pillars of any relationship.

Possessions and power should make us more humble. They are like sifting sands.

Trials and suffering help us in getting a clear vision.

Shortcuts bring only trouble. Rushing around and hurrying only invites trouble. We are not in our elements when we rush around.

Key to success is discipline and patience.

You will never be happy if you achieve your dream if you are not content with what you already have.

Every day do our duty truthfully and sincerely. Then go and have a good sleep.

Compassion is the key to be happiness.

Give out love, kindness, help, sympathy and service to the world. What we gift to the world comes back to us.

True detachment can overcome stormy waves in the world.

He who is content with what he has is the richest man.

We are truly free when we are free from fear, lust and anger.

Trials and tribulations are an opportunity to draw out the best in us.

More than money what people need is love and sympathy.

It is true we do not have the power to change the course of nature. However, a majority of our problems are not related to nature. They arise due to our ignorance of our true nature.

Contentment is having a heart, which is filled with non-duality.

The right way to enrich our life is by closing all those doors and windows through which we are seeking happiness outside.

Be genuine in all relationships. There will be no problems then.

If you think happiness is further and further away from you then you have not understood the true concept of happiness. Realize …Happiness is within you.

It is a universal truth that everyone wants to be appreciated and loved.

Do not ignore the small daily happenings because happiness in life is built around them.

We all are searching for a hand to hold on to and a heart that understands.

There is always a debate on what is right or wrong. However, we can always be kind; there is no debate on this.

If you are afraid of failure, then you will never succeed. Failure is an important stepping stone to success.

The period of transition is the most difficult and painful period in life. We all have to go through it, if we need to change something for better.