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We are all victims of social anxiety

We are all victims of social anxiety. But does it really exist.

We should not really worry about what other people think because they rarely do that. They themselves are under the grips of social anxiety and numerous other fears.

It is true that people judge others. But why should we bother. It has no real value. It has nothing to do with our life.

When we attempt to impress others, we are becoming someone else. We are acting. We are being unknowingly controlled. Be what you are.

It is our wrong belief that people have us in their thoughts always, thinking what we look like or scrutinizing what we spoke.

Go out and do things that you like and enjoy.

Be happy with what we are doing. Forget the end result. People only look at result. They do not know what you went through in getting to the result. Enjoy each moment of your work.