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World Is True Is Called Wakeful Sleep – Sage Valmiki - Sage Bharadwaj Discussion

The thought that the world is true is called Wakeful Sleep – Discussion between Sage Valmiki and Bharadwaj

The thought that the world is true is called ‘Wakeful Sleep’. A man says that he is awake. But in truth he is asleep in ignorance. That is the reason it is called ‘Wakeful sleep’.

If the light of Consciousness glows in his mind, he will be out of ignorance. With the ending of ignorance, the world dissolves. Hence you should discard ignorance and light up the lamp of Knowledge.

My Friend! World did not exist in the past. It will not be there finally. Hence it does not have any existence in-between too. Yet we see it. Hence realize that it is no more than a dream.

Past sins are the main reason why we are unable to appreciate this, though we may have heard it a number of times.

So first take up the worship of Brahman with attributes in order to be freed from sins. The sins of men are the noose in the hands of Ishwar. Pray to Ishwar for the termination of sins. Next cultivate detachment and abide in it. Watch the drama of life calmly. Throw away inauspicious misery. Contemplate on the ever Blissful and Pure Supreme Self. There is nothing more to be done.