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Nagayakshi – Information About Goddess Nagayakshi

Nagayakshi is a goddess in Hinduism worshipped mainly in South India especially in Kerala and coastal Karnataka. She is also known as Ahiyakshi. She is depicted as standing with serpents or nagas in her hands. Naga itself means snake and therefore she is associated with serpents.

Nagayakshi is an important upadevata in many temples in Kerala.

She is also an important deity in famous snake temples like Mannarasala.

Nagayakshi kalam is created by Pulluvar while singing songs of nagas in sarpam pattu ritual in Kerala. A female representing Nagayakshi moves hysterically while the ritual is performed.

Nagayakshi Bhada

There is a belief in some regions that Nagayakshi overwhelms children and this results in children losing weight as food is not digested properly. This is known as Nagayakshi Bhada. Other symptoms of Nagayakshi bada include bed wetting and remaining angry and moody. To overcome this problems curd and ghee mixed together are offered as havis to Nagayakshi.

This is mainly due to parents or grandparents selling property having naga residence or destroying kavu or grooves of snakes.

Today Nagayakshi is worshipped along with Nagarajavu and is considered to be the consort of Nagarajavu (the serpent king).

Some serials and movies have completely destroyed the concept of Nagayakshi by depicting her as voluptuous or erotic woman with magical powers.