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Teachings From Nitidvisastika

A collection of teachings from Nitidvisastika

The life of such a person alone is fruitful, who, while living, makes a multitude of people also live their lives.

Friendship with the good grows day by day just as the sap of from top to bottom, joint by joint. Friendship of the wicked is opposite in nature to this.

A wicked person put on three different colors like a chameleon. At first acts like a relative, next as a friend, and at the end turns out to be an enemy.

The wealth of a man who neither gives it away in charity nor enjoys it himself, does not actually belong to him, is like a scarecrow that protects the crop only for the sake of others.

A creeper that has been cut can be made to grow again, but it will never look as beautiful as it used to. Similarly, an affectionate relationship that has been spoilt, can be revived again, but it will not have the same charm as it used to.

A noble man makes a gift of charity respectfully and without publicity. Mean men also practice charity, but they are guided by selfish motives and give away with disrespect.

Foolish people never give up enmity, just as a line drawn on a rock cannot be erased. But the wise forgive and forget, their enmity is as ephemeral as a line drawn on the surface of water.

Where fools pretend to be wise, the wise should pretend to be foolish. Under the spell of ignorance ridicule even the wise sayings.