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Fear And Faith Cannot Exist Together

True faith is coming out of all kinds of fear. Fear and faith can never exist together.

If our faith is based on fear; then we are always looking for miracles in life. For miracles to happen there should be an external force (God). So God is ultimately based on fear.

Fear of failure, fear of diseases, fear of death, fear of accidents… there is no end to fears. Each time we have a fear we pray to God to overcome it.

This understanding of the God is not correct.

Fear is the result of ignorance. The right method to overcome it is through knowledge.

Fear of darkness should be overcome through the light of knowledge.

The right knowledge is understanding that all fears arise from the thought of another. But there is no another. There is only One. All attachments and desires are the result of ignorance.

The day we realize there is only Supreme Truth we will understand that faith is not based on fear.