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Ambharni - A Form Of Goddess Lakshmi

The shruti texts, namely, Ambhrani Sukta, Sri Suktam, Lakshmi Hridaya, … are the main sources of knowledge about Goddess Lakshmi. Sri Madhvacharya points out that Ambharni is one of the important rupas (forms) of Lakshmi. The well known Madhva saint poet, Sri Vadiraja, tell us that Ambharni means Lakshmi.

Ambharni exists in two forms. One is Chetana (live) and the other form is prakrta (jada  - inanimate world). As Chetana, she is known as Vishnu Patni (consort of Vishnu).

In the other form, she governs the jadas. Madhvacharya tell us in Dwadasha Stotra that Lord Vishnu has bestowed Lakshmi with his own cosmic powers through which she performs the functions of creation, sustenance, etc. (eight functions). The couple is known as Prakriti and Parama.

All the words and syllables depict primarily Lord Vishnu. The same words and syllables depict Lakshmi. Apart from this, Lakshmi has special names such as Sri, Bhu, Durga, Ambharni, Hri, Mahalakshmi, Dakshina, Jayanti, Sita, Rukmini and Satyabhama etc.

In the form of Dakshina she derives more happiness from the Lord. Adorned on the left thigh of the Lord, she is called Yajna. Finding a permanent abode on the left part of the chest, she is called ‘Shri’. That significant mark is Srivatsa.