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Story of Radha Offering Charanamrit to Sri Krishna to Cure Him

The story of Radha offering Charanamrit to Sri Krishna shows the unparalleled love and faith that Radha had in Sri Krishna. One day Sri Krishna had fallen sick and no medicine was able to cure him. Sri Krishna then told the Gopis of Vrindavan that there is cure for his illness. Sri Krishna asked gopis to give him Charanamrit . He told them that if he drinks the water used to wash the feet of his param bhakt (supreme devotee) then he will be cured. The gopis were now confused. They all thought they were the greatest devotee of Sri Krishna. But they also had self doubt; what if their charanamrit fails. It simply meant that they were worried about exposing themselves as not one of the greatest devotees of Krishna. They were worried about the shame and failure. Radha soon heard about the whole incident. Without any thought, she immediately washed her feet and rushed with the charanamrit to Krishna. She was not bothered about her failure, future, stature etc. All she was

Kaivara Tatayya – About Kaivara Narayanappa - An Outstanding Saint-Poet of Karnataka

Kaivara Tatayya, also known as Kaivara Narayanappa, was an outstanding saint-poet of Karnataka in the 18 th Century AD. His utterances known as kalajnana contain predictions on future. Kaivara Narayanappa was a rare yogi who attained self realization through the surrender to God. He followed the path of dharma and preached equality, compassion, kindness and spirituality. Birth – Childhood – Life Kaivara Narayanappa was born in Kaivara Village in Kollar District, Karnataka, in 1726 AD. His parents were Kondappa and Mudamma. His hereditary vocation of was selling of bangles. He deserted his home to lead and ascetic life. He shunned all forms of publicity and led the life of an ideal recluse. He became an adept in Yoga and lived to the age of 110. He died in 1836. Kaivara Tatayya Songs and Literary Works He wrote hundreds of devotional songs and didactic verses in Telugu, Kannada and Sanskrit. But he rarely mentioned his name in his literary works. His kritis or

Never hesitate to appreciate and encourage independent minds

Focusing on the fault of another person will be of no good. Accommodating a person as the person is and moving on is the best option. No person is completely good. No person is completely bad. See the good side of the people to have a healthy and peaceful relationship. Charity is never a good way to help the poor. If you really want to help someone focus on providing them with the opportunity to flourish using their talent and hard work. Help a child by helping it to learn. Do not thrust money in the hands of the child and think you have done your charity. I do not kill animals and eat them. I am against the violence against all living beings. Some people belonging to particular communities proudly declare this in public; and clap and appreciate when their spiritual leaders talk about it. But what is the use when this very same people perform misery after misery to other human beings in the name of business. They are filled with arrogance and have no value for the sentimen