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Story of Janabai and Sant Namdev

Janabai was an ardent devotee of Lord Vitthal of Pandarpur. She was adopted by Sant Namdev. This is the story of Janabai; and how she got the blessing of her Guru and Lord.

Janabai was seven years old when she first visited the temple of Lord Vitthal at Pandarpur. She was on a pilgrimage along with her parents. To the surprise of her parents, she informed them that she no longer wished to go back with them to her home. She wanted to stay in the temple and offer prayers to Vitthal.

Her parents tried all means to change her mind. Love and coercion had no effect. Her devotion was steadfast. Ultimately, the parents left her at the gate of the temple and returned to their home.

When Sant Namdev discovered such a young girl sitting alone and meditating on Lord Vitthal, he took her home. Her devotion became even stronger in the pious atmosphere of the Sant.

She enjoyed the devotional songs composed by Sant Namdev. She listened to the conversation of the Sant with other pious souls. Her devotion increased day by day.

Janabai too started composing Abhangs. Her bhakti songs are noted for the undying love for Vitthal. Her songs narrate the experience of the oneness with her Lord and the inner joy and bliss.

Abhangs of Janabai are published along with that of Sant Namdev.