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Hindu Vastu Tips to Help Women Progress in Career - 10 Tips

In today’s highly completive world, professionals are always on the lookout for the extra bit of luck to achieve career progress. Here are 10 Hindu vastu tips to help women progress in career.
  1. Do not sit cross-legged in office and while doing anything related to professional work. As per Vastu sitting cross leg is bad and attracts negative energy.
  2. Always make sure that the table in which you are working is above the level of your stomach.
  3. The working table should be square or rectangle. Never work on an oval-shaped table.
  4. If you are working from home never make your bedroom your office. It is considered bad as per vastu.
  5. Keep small crystal on your working table to improve luck and efficiency. This will help in improving positive energy. Ganesha, om symbol, fish etc are also considered auspicious.
  6. Keep painting or photo of flowers or water in the northeast corner of your work area. This will help in achieving success.
  7. Keep your working table in the northeast corner, as this will help in improving efficiency. Success will be achieved due to this position.
  8. The table and chair you sit should be of wood. Glass table is also considered highly efficient.
  9. Keeping picture of your personal deity in the east side of the table is helpful.
  10. Avoid clutter in your workplace. Goddess Lakshmi sits where there is cleanliness.
There is no substitute to hard work, dedication and determination. Vastu comes only after this. Single minded focus is the most important factor in career success. Flexible approach, willingness to adapt to the changes and to never stop learning are a must in modern world.