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Knowledge – Devotion – Service are one and same – Bhagavad Gita 6.29 – 6.32

In chapter VI, Shloka 6.29 to 6.32, of Bhagavad Gita it is clearly stated that the knowledge of the self, devotion of god and loving service of god through living beings are one and the same.

With the heart concentrated by Yoga, with eye of evenness for all situations, he beholds the Self in all beings and all beings in the Self. (6.29)

He who sees Me in all the beings and sees all the beings in Me, he never gets separated from Me, nor do I become separated from him. (6.30)

He who being established in unity, worships Me who am dwelling in all beings, whatever his way of life, that Yogi abides in Me. (6.31)

He who judges the pleasure and pain of all living beings by the same standards that he applies to himself is considered as the highest Yogi. (6.32)

Whatever we do, we should not discriminate.

All paths lead to the Supreme Truth. What stops us is ego, anger, frustration, desires and attachment.

One should not be obsessed even with one's spiritual life. Some people become proud and arrogant in spiritual life. This is not a good sign. Some people shout at others if they are disturbed while praying or while in meditation. That is not a good sign.

There should not be any hard and fast rules like I will only follow the path of knowledge. Do not criticize and mock those who follow other paths.

Be simple and follow the path that suits one.

Do not expect other people to agree and appreciate your spiritual path and spirituality. There are no applauses and victory in spiritual journey. It is a journey of self discovery. It is journey of clearing the dark matter which is stopping us from realizing the true self. Once we merge in that Supreme Truth everything dissolves. There will be nothing outside.