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Remedy for Fights in Family as per Hinduism

Fights in the family are result of vastu dosha or due to the bad positioning of grahas (planets) in Janam Kundali (horoscope) as per Hinduism. Collecting junk in the house and keeping the house unclean is an open invitation to Rahu and Alakshmi. They thrive by creating fights in the house. Here are some popular remedy for fights in family.
  • Light a lamp daily in the house in the morning and evening. Sit in meditation and prayer for few hours.
  • Mix a small amount of sugar in water and offer it to Lord Shiva (Shivling). Light agarbatti and a lamp to Shiva. The lamps should be lit using cow ghee.
  • Picture, photos or sculpture of chariots and war related ones should not be kept in the house.
  • Milk spilling will lead to fight among family members. Make sure milk is not spilled or boiled over.
  • Offer prayers to Ganesha daily.

  • Always keep the house clean. Do not collect junk as this attracts Rahu and negative energy.
  • Avoid watching television serials and programs that spread negativity and hatred. Such programs influence people's mind greatly.
  • Read Sundarkand from the Ramayana. Perform worship on Hanuman on Tuesday. He protects and guards the house by keeping out all kinds of negative forces.
  • Offer white color flowers to Ishta Devata or personal deity.
  • Offer puja once in a year to family deity along with all the family members.
  • Shradh (tarpan – panda daan) of ancestors should be performed without fail.
  • Annadanam or food donation should be performed once in year especially on the birthday of a family member.
  • Animals should be provided food. Feeding cow with the first roti made in the house is meritorious.