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Story – How Vishnu Usurped Badrinath from Lord Shiva?

Today, Badrinath Dham in Uttarakhand is the home of Lord Vishnu. But there is a story in the Puranas which indicate that Badrinath was the home of Shiva and it was usurped by Vishnu.

During Satya Yuga, Lord Shiva used to live with Mata Parvati at Badrinath. Bhagavan Vishnu who was searching for a spot to meditate on earth was impressed by the region, which was covered by berry plant. Badri means berry.

Now, Bhagavan Vishnu faced a dilemma – how to get the place which was occupied by Lord Shiva.
Srihari Vishnu then took the form of a young boy and appeared in Badrinath. He started crying loudly.

Mata Parvati was disturbed by the loud wailing of the boy and went in search of the boy.

Soon she found the boy who was crying in deep jungle. Maa Parvati wondered what the boy was doing in the dense forest. She was also puzzled as to what happened to the mother and father of the boy. The boy did not give any answer to the questions of Maa Parvati. He simply kept crying.

Maa Parvati thought it was not wise to abandon the young boy in the forest. Therefore, she took him with her to her abode in Badrinath.

Shiva who realized the boy was Vishnu, asked Mata Parvati to keep the boy out of the house. Shiva knew this was some leela of Vishnu. He told Ma Parvati that the body will cry for some time and will go away.

Mata Parvati was not ready to keep the boy out of the house. She kept him inside. Provided food and put him to sleep in the house.

Maa Parvati then along with Shiva left the house to roam in the jungle.

Vishnu used this opportunity and locked the house from inside.

When Goddess Parvati and Shiva returned, Vishnu did not open the door.

He told Shiva that he liked the place very much and therefore he has decided to reside at Badrinath
Vishnu advised Shiva to move to Kedarnath.

From that day onwards, Vishnu gives darshan to devotees at Badrinath and Shiva at Kedarnath.