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True Love is Not Attachment

Some people consider attachment to be love but it is not. True love is selflessness and sacrifice. You become the other person in true love and there is no difference between two people. There is no ego and there is no pride. There is mutual respect and admiration. There is total freedom. There is complete trust. There are no personal agendas. Everything is mutual the other person’s happiness is your happiness; the other person’s sorrow is your sorrow.

Attachment is the opposite. There is no freedom. There is suffocation. There are doubts. One person is always superior in this situation. There is always tension. Emotions overpower on every occasion. People in such relationship always look for an exit point. When there is too much attachment, there will be no progress. Opportunities are squandered. Likes are surrendered. One person suffers. One person sacrifices. There is no physical, mental or spiritual growth in such a relationship.

Attachment soon turns into possessiveness. It sours the relationship. It makes the relationship a hell. Possessiveness is a form of weakness and it stems from fear. Fear of losing someone on whom you are dependent physically and emotionally. You do not respect or love the person. All you do is you make use of the person for your selfish ends.  

In love, there is smile, happiness, hope, commitment, and progress. In attachment, there is brooding, sadness, frustration, anger, separation, divorce…