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Abandonment of Desires at All Time Is Called Sama

The indifference with which one treats the excreta of a crow – such an indifference to all objects of enjoyment from the realm of Brahma to this world is very called pure Vairagya.

Atman in itself is alone permanent, the seen is opposed to it – such a settled conviction is truly known as discrimination.

Abandonment of desires at all time is called Sama and restraint of the external functions of the organs is called Dama.

Turning away completely from all sense objects is the height of Uparati, and patient endurance of all sorrow or pain is known as Titiksha which is conducive to happiness.

Implicit faith in the words of the Vedas and the teachers (who interpret them) is known as Shraddha, and concentration of the mind on the only object Sat (i.e. Brahman) is regarded as Samadhana.

Teachings from Aparokshanubhuti of Adi Shankaracharya