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Story of Goddess Lakshmi living on Earth in a Poor Man’s Home

The story of Goddess Lakshmi living on earth in a poor man’s home symbolically gives the message that Ma Lakshmi resides in the homes of people who have a good heart and are ready to help others without any expectations. It also suggests that arrival of a girl child in the home means growth, peace, and prosperity.

One day Bhagavan Vishnu was getting ready to roam on earth. Goddess Lakshmi, his consort, too wanted to go along with Vishnu. Bhagavan agreed to Goddess Lakshmi’s wish but on one condition that while on earth she should not look to the north side. Soon the divine couple left Vaikunta and reached earth.

Goddess Lakshmi was enamored by the beautiful earth. Animals, flowers, trees, and plants made her forget about the condition put by Vishnu. She looked all around. When she looked to the north side, she saw a beautiful farm. She went into the farm, plucked a flower, and returned to Bhagavan Vishnu.

Goddess Lakshmi who was extremely happy saw tears in the eyes of Bhagavan. Soon she realized that she had made the mistake of looking to the north side.

Bhagavan Vishnu then told Goddess Lakshmi that she broke the condition and she ventured into the property of someone and took something without the person’s permission. For these mistakes, she needs to stay in the house the owner of the property for three years.

Goddess Lakshmi agreed. She went to the farmer’s house and Lord Vishnu to Vaikunta.

The farm belonged to a poor farmer named Madhav, who lived in a small hut. He had a wife, two sons and three daughters. He often found it difficult to feed his family.

Goddess Lakshmi now took the form a poor woman and knocked on the door of Madhav.

When Madhav came out the poor woman told him that she had no place to go and had not eaten for days. She would be happy if he could give her work, food and a place to stay.

Madhav was moved by the sad condition of the woman and told her that she can stay in his hut as his fourth daughter.

Goddess Lakshmi started staying in the hut and doing farm and household works.

Soon the fortune of Madhav started changing; he got a good profit from the flowers he had grown on his small farm. He then bought a cow with the profit.

Soon the cow made him prosper. He bought another farmland. He bought more cows and within a span of two years, Madhav became a rich landlord.

Madhav always believed that his luck changed after the arrival of his adopted daughter.

Goddess Lakshmi continued doing work on the farm and in the house of Madhav.

Then one day when Madhav went into this field, he saw a beautiful woman who was adorned with gold ornaments. As he went near, he realized that it was his adopted daughter.

Madhav soon realized that it was Goddess Lakshmi.

Tears trickled from the eyes of Madhav. He fell at the feet of Goddess Lakshmi and asked her forgiveness for making her work in his field and home.

Goddess Lakshmi asked Madhav to get up and told him that she always resides in the home of people who have a good heart. She is ever present in the house of those who are willing to help the poor and needy.

She told Madhav that he had a heart of gold. He gave the poor woman refuge and took care of her like a daughter. My blessings will always be with people who have a good heart and who follow Dharma.

Goddess Lakshmi blessed Madhav with eternal prosperity and disappeared.