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If You Run From Problems – You Will Keep Running till the Grave

We cannot avoid problems in life. Majority of us run from our problems. This running never stops. It only stops with death. The running causes endless misery and suffering. Instead of running from problems, mistakes, people, places, past, memories, situations, incidents, fear…we need to learn to face them.

Face Problems To End It
When we face the problems head on, we find a solution. It ends. May be the result might not be always in our favor but at least we can end it. This end means there is a new beginning. There is hope. There is a clean slate for you to start afresh.

When we face ugly situations and problems, we gain lot of experience. We become stronger both mentally and emotionally. We also realize about the futility of running away from things.

Come out of Imaginary Fears
Majority of our fears are our imagination and creation. In reality, there might not be a snake or demon but we imagine there is one. How can we really know whether it is snake or rope until we examine it? Face problems and fears and it is the only way to make it go away.

Everyone Makes Mistakes
Mistakes are bound to happen in life. We are not perfect beings. Instead of running away, accept our mistakes and correct them. And take a vow not to repeat the mistakes. Remain grounded and always maintain the connect with the Supreme Truth to stop making mistakes.

Know the Truth
Why should be we run away from people? We need to hide ourselves only if we owe them something or we have wronged them. Otherwise, we need not hide from people. If we owe them something then settle it. And make it a point to not to take things or loan from people. If we have wronged a person, amend it. If it cannot be amended, then apologize sincerely. Rest all reasons for running away from people is due to our inferiority complex. Know that there is no one superior or inferior. All are born in the Supreme Truth and merge in the Supreme Truth. Then where is the question of big and small.

Stopping Carry Baggage of Past
Do not carry the baggage of past. We need to drop it somewhere and move ahead. The baggage is a burden. It pulls us down. It destroys our present and future. It spoils our current relationship and career. Have the courage to drop all unwanted baggage.

Uncomfortable Situations 
Uncomfortable situations will be there in life. Instead of running away and hiding, face them and settle them. Learn to live a life of dignity and freedom. Never compromise or make adjustments that are against ethics, morality and against your core values.

Positivity - Hope - Fearlessness - Solutions
Always face life with a positive mind. Instead of fear, hatred and prejudice, we need to develop courage, open mindedness, tolerance, flexibility and the willingness to learn.

Numerous reasons are given by us for running from problems – fear about punishments, embarrassments, lose of status, lose of dignity… But majority of the times all these are our imaginations. We suffer for a long period when we run from issues. And this suffering is hundred times more than the small pain we to suffer when facing them.

Live a life free of mental anguish, fear, uncertainty and anxiety by facing all our problems. Do not let past incidents, mistakes and relationships chain and pull you down. Break all chains of past and soar high. Live in the present. Follow dharma and no one can harm you mentally and emotionally.

For a peaceful, positive, creative and happy life, never run away from your problems. Remember when you run away from a problem you are not only failing yourself but you are also failing your family members and your children. Always be a good example to your children and to your future generation. They should remember you as a person who faced problems boldly. They should take inspiration from you.