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Photos of Naga Sadhus - Understanding Self Realization

Nagas is a project by Sandeep Dhopate and it contains 20 photos of Naga Sadhus. The 20 photos capture a journey that begins with detachment from worldly possessions and ends in realizing the “Self.” It is a journey of a lifetime. The whole project is like understanding self realization through photos of Naga Sadhus.

The first photo is of Purusha, the self – the universal self.

Then there is an abstract photo Shiva. Then there appeared before them a transcendental sound vibration, emanating from a personality not visible to material eyes. The voice was as grave as the sound of a cloud, and it was very encouraging, driving away all fear. Shiva is formless and infinite like the blue sky.
The third photo is of avidya (Ignorance). Because of identifying oneself with the body, one is subjected to desires for sense gratification, and thus one engages in many different types of pious and impious action. This ignorance is what constitutes material bondage. 
Three State of Consciousness

Then there are brilliant illustration of Maya, Anger, passion and egoism.

Then there are pictures of Sadhaka and one who has surrendered.

Then there are photos of Tapasvin and of one who has overcome physical and mental pain
Then there are pictures of renunciation and destroyer of evil.

Next two photos are dedicated to restorer of peace and to the three state of consciousness.

Two dedicated to jnani and moksha.

Next two are dedicated to Atman and one who has realized the ultimate truth.

The final one is titled Om Namah Shivaya and it correctly explains that there is no second everything is you.