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Importance and Benefits of Nagkesar Flower in Hinduism

Nagkesar flower is of great importance in Hinduism as it is used in Tantric puja. One of the important benefits of the plant is that it helps in financial matters.
  • Nagkesar is known as Cobra saffron, Ceylon ironwood and Indian rose chestnut in English.
  • It is also known as Nagchampa in Hindi.
  • Thorlachampa in Marathi.
  • Tadinangu in Tamil.
  • Vainavu in Malayalam

Importance of Nagkesar Flower in Hinduism

  • It is believed that the presence of the Nagkesar tree in a house helps in keeping out poverty.
  • When the flower of the plant is used properly, it helps in creating wealth.
  • Presence of the tree in home helps in maintaining peace and cordial relationship among family members.

 Benefits of Nagkesar Flower

  • To alleviate constant fight in the family keep the nagkesar flower hidden in the home.
  • Having a nagkesar flower in the garden is highly auspicious.
  • On Amavasya make a four-face lamp using clay or dough. Light all four diya using cow ghee and keep it near the main door of the house. Offer nagkesar flower to the lamp. As a result of it money will be returned soon.
  • Take five flowers of Nagkesar, tie it inside a cloth, and keep in money safe during abhijit muhurat in a day (noon). This will bring prosperity.
  • Take a nagkesar flower, keep it inside small silver box, and keep it in puja room for overcoming financial difficulties.
  • Offer nagkesar flower to shivling and then keep it money safe. This will help solving loan and debt related issues.
  • Watering the plant daily will help in avoiding conflicts in the house.