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Our true energy is the divine light within us – never allow it to be covered

Keep the body pure, clean, hygienic and healthy because it is filled with the light of God. But where is this light? We do not see it. We are unable to see it because the dirt of ignorance has completely covered the body. Light is still there but we need to first remove the dirt of ego, ignorance, hatred, power, lust, self-indulgence and unethical pleasure.

Bad habits and self-indulgence have made our bodies weak, pale and emaciated. The light of God can never be extinguished. It is still lustrous but it is lost. We are unable to see it. Daily we pile up more and more dirt over it.

Our true energy is the divine light within us – never allow it to be covered

Fitness and gym are of great interest to many. But for the majority, it is associated with looking good. We spend money and energy to look good. All this is to impress others. This is again ignorance. It is again piling up dirt and covering the light of God.

The outer appearance of the body is like a lit candle. No matter how hard you try, it will perish quickly. It can also be forcibly extinguished. But the real light inside you can never perish and it cannot be forcibly extinguished.

Today, the body is abused for sexual pleasure. There is no ideals and morality. Love is a mere sensation. The mad search to satisfy bodily pleasure is creating broken relationships, depression, murder and suicides. Instead of procreation, the body is used to satisfy carnal pleasure. Don’t worry, the light of God never abandons a body. But such activities make it impossible to reach the light.

I never indulge in sex as it is a sin – there are many moral issues. But 24X7 am thinking of sex. What is the use? Denying the body sexual pleasure is dangerous because we become an active volcano. Have a healthy sexual life and leave it there.

There should be a balance. There is complete balance in nature. But we human beings have abandoned this balance. We overindulge in what we like.

Senses when in our command can do wonders. But when we have no control over the senses, it will ultimately destroy our body before we realize the divine within us.

Some people search for the divine in the body when the body has become weak after indulging in all forms of unnatural activities.

We think of God and spirituality when our body has become the fibrous matter that remains after sugarcane juice has been extracted. Then we want to find the light of God. But it is too late. There is no energy left in the body to remove the dirt of ignorance. The body has also become mentally and physically weak. Our attempts to reach the light will be thwarted by remorse.

Search for God within and keep that light glowing from a young age. Because it is the only light that can guide you in your life. Everything around you will perish, even your body will fail you but the divine light within you will never fail you. It is shining from time immemorial, not just from the day you first appeared in the womb of your mother, and it will keep shining always. That light can be never extinguished. Know that light to be you.

Everything should have a place in life desires, sexual pleasure, craving… But none of it should cloud and cover the real you. Our true energy is the divine light within us. It should not be covered.

Do not put unwanted restrictions and torture your body in the name of spirituality and religion. This is again ignorance. You are not going to find the divine light by torturing the body in the name of God. This is searching in the wrong direction. This search is led by ego and lack of proper understanding of God.

Do not complicate our lives. Always maintain the childlike innocence and simplicity in life. This will make sure that no dirt will cover the divine light.

Abhilash Rajendran