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Life Demands Compromise but With Dignity

It is true that a balanced and healthy life requires compromise. But that compromise should not be by eroding your very identity. Make compromises in life with dignity. You must know where to draw the line.

Compromises and adjustments are needed in life. But we must make sure that someone near and dear is not suffering due to the compromises and adjustments. Therefore, maintain a balance. Make sure that your satisfaction and full potential is not harmed by your compromises.

When compromises and adjustments are used intelligently and sparingly, they are never a weakness. But a life full of compromises is not worth living.

When you make intelligent adjustments in life, you bring color, warmth and happiness. Relationships and career prosper. You are not the rigid person who is avoided. You are always welcomed with a smiling face because you bring hope, help and positivity.

Compromises also mean you are helping someone. Helping others will benefit you as well.

No relationships are possible without making some adjustments on both sides.

Life does not always gift us people, things and situations to our liking or need. Majority of the time we need to rectify this imbalance. And it can happen only through compromise. We cannot always get what we want and dream of. But we can make sure that we do not compromise on values, dignity and our core dream.

Where does it go wrong?

For love, acceptance, power, position or money, we make several adjustments and compromises without realizing that we are surrendering our identity. We soon get entangled in a web of adjustments. Relationships suffer and we might even get totally isolated.

All demands are from one side and the other side only performs compromises. This is common among lovers, living in relationships, and marriage. These kind of adjustments are toxic and it will soon result in fights and frustrations. The toxic fumes will enter all parts of your life and you will soon begin to suffocate. You will need lot of courage then to come out of such relationships.

Your personal relationships, likes, priorities, and career should not suffer due to compromises. Occasionally, we all have to make sacrifices. But that should be for progress. It should be performed with an open mind. You should also make sure that you develop the courage and confidence to regain the loss and setbacks you have in life due to the sacrifice.

Do not give up your dream in the name of marriage, parents, love and children. You will regret it in future. Fulfill your commitments while chasing your dream. If people and situations are only asking for compromises, then it is time to walk out.

There should be no compromise on dignity and self-respect. Make sure your basic values are never compromised. The moral values that you hold dear should not be open for adjustments.