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Dream of Trijata in the Ramayana

Ramayana mentions about the dreams of a couple of characters. Prominent among them is the dream of Trijata, an old rakshasi who guarded Sita in Lanka. Ravana who was frustrated with Sita stopping all his sexual advancements warned her that if she refuses to share his bed, he would have her cooked and served for breakfast.

Ravana then gave the freedom to the rakshasis guarding Sita to torment her. They teased her for not listening to the wishes of Ravana, the powerful king who could stop sun and moon from shining if he wished.

Sita stood firm in her resolve and asked the ogresses to stop giving cheap and sinful advice.

The ogresses threatened her that the demons will soon eat her flesh. Hearing the commotion Trijata, an old ogress, tells the rakshasis to eat her but not Sita. She asks them to stop tormenting Sita.
She then narrates the terrible dream that she had last night.

In the dream, Trijata saw Rama coming in a chariot made of ivory, drawn by a hundred horses.
Mata Sita wearing white garments was reunited with Rama.

She then saw Ravana fallen from his chariot, lying on the earth, being dragged about by a woman in dark dress. Ravana was wearing dark garments and his head was shaven bald.

Then Trijata saw in her dream Ravana in a chariot drawn by asses, wearing red garlands and red ointments.

He was driving the chariot south into a lake of mud.

Then a seductive woman dressed in red garments and a dark woman whose body was smeared with mud was dragging Ravana southwards to the region of Yama, the king of death.

She then saw Lanka getting submerged in the ocean.

All the demons wearing red garments had fallen into a lake of cow dung.

Trijata’s dream is a warning for the demons. The woman dragging her towards south – the direction of Yama – symbolically shows that he will be destroyed by the woman for who he lusts. Here it is Mata Sita.

The dream also contains color and things that is considered inauspicious and evil in Hinduism. Like the red garment, shaved head, asses dragging chariot, black clothes and going towards south.

Another famous dream in the Ramayana is the one seen by Bharata, Rama’s brother. He saw the dream a day before messengers from Ayodhya arrives to give them the message of his coronation and the exile of Rama.