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Swami Sukhabodhananda Quotes

The wise way to live life is to plan with a purpose, prepare with a prayer, proceed positively and pursue persistently. Life’s heaviest burden is one’s fight with life and to now flow with life.

Ego is a disconnection with existence. By operating from ego one is against the wholeness. To be inwardly nothing, is to be part of that wholeness and in harmony with the whole.

People strive to increase their standard of living, but not their standard of thinking. The best computer is the one between the ears. Understand the mind, transform and transcend the mind, by the discipline taught by yoga.

Swami Sukhabodhananda Quotes on Freedom

Enlightenment is true freedom. It is called moksha which means freedom. Freedom not from something but just freedom. Freedom from something means you are bound by the thing you want to be free of. Freedom for something also assumes you are bound. But true freedom is like space that exists in the pot but is not bound by it.

When the pot is destroyed the space is not, even though it may appear to be bound. Similarly freedom exists like space in the body but is not bound by the body. This freedom has to be discovered and not created by the effort of action.

Freedom is not something other than bondage but in spite of bondage. One goes about putting effort, seeking enlightenment. The very effort becomes a barrier. The sought is hidden in the seeker. So if the seeker searches outside, then seeking is the denial of the sought. The day the search stops, the desiring mind starts flowering into a residing mind. Then one discovers that true freedom is within and it freely exists in and through one’s bondage.

(Source: An article published in The New Indian Express)

Swami Sukhabodhananda Quotes on Success and Failure

Success and failure become points of celebration rather than points of frustrations. How is it possible to celebrate success and failure? The ordinary paradigm is when one is successful there is the greed to be more successful. Thus they lose the ability to rejoice success.

It is this greed to be more successful that makes one look at the other as a threat and a competitor.
Where there is failure, instead of learning from the failures we whip ourselves with self-pity. One has to celebrate one’s learning and failure as an opportunity to learn.

So when you are successful, celebrate your success and don’t fill that moment with greed but with joy. Plan about the actions.

Planning is not a part of greed but a part of wise living. Greed is an ulcer to the soul.

Do not fail to see the surprise element in the successes and failures. See the many variable that have contributed to it. Do not be dead to surprises.

When you bring the quality of surprise and embrace each moment with this energy, then you will be able to celebrate successes and failures.

Swami Sukhabodhananda
(Source: Excerpts from an article published in Deccan Herald on May 2, 2004)