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Feeding and Taking Care of Birds to Avoid Rahu – Ketu – Shani – Mangal Problems

Birds and animals are an indispensable part of Hindu religion. There is a popular belief in Hinduism that feeding and taking care of birds will help in solving all the problems associated with Rahu, Ketu, Shani and Mangal in horoscope or janam kundali. It is also believed that it helps in avoiding unexpected death in family.

Once, a Brahmin who was unhappy with the course of his life brought a parrot. He took it home. His wife and children were happy to see the parrot and named it Sitarama.

Soon the parrot became friendly with the people in the house. The people of the house took good care of it.

Then one day when the family was doing their morning puja, the parrot made a strange voice.

The family opened the cage. The bird came to door of the cage had look at the family members and then went back into the cage and fell down.

The family took the bird to the pooja room and gave it water from Ganga River.

Soon the parrot died.

This story is found in the Shuka-Upakyanam. As per the text, the family was under the influence of Rahu and Ketu and were about to face a great deal of difficulties.

The bird took the difficulties on it and saved the family by sacrificing itself.

From that day, the family started taking care of birds. They gave water and food to all the birds. By protecting and taking of care of birds and animals, the family attained peace and prosperity.