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Never hesitate to appreciate and encourage independent minds

Focusing on the fault of another person will be of no good. Accommodating a person as the person is and moving on is the best option. No person is completely good. No person is completely bad. See the good side of the people to have a healthy and peaceful relationship.

Charity is never a good way to help the poor. If you really want to help someone focus on providing them with the opportunity to flourish using their talent and hard work. Help a child by helping it to learn. Do not thrust money in the hands of the child and think you have done your charity.

I do not kill animals and eat them. I am against the violence against all living beings. Some people belonging to particular communities proudly declare this in public; and clap and appreciate when their spiritual leaders talk about it. But what is the use when this very same people perform misery after misery to other human beings in the name of business. They are filled with arrogance and have no value for the sentiments of other people. They chop and cut down nature for business gains. They freely perpetuate violence through words and deeds. Killing alone is not violence.

Money and wealth are not evil. Real evil is getting drunk with wealth and performing deeds that are Adharmic. Earn and use wealth by following Dharma.

Care, responsibility, compassion and camaraderie are the qualities that need to be nurtured. We need them even more than ever before thanks to the ticking time bombs created by human greed.

Never allow others to govern your emotions, words or deeds. Your life should be always in your control. Sometimes out of love and expectations, we give the control of our lives to others. This is a sign of weakness and other people take advantage of it.

Be kind to a person. But your kindness should not make the person weak and rob his individuality and thinking process.

Never hesitate to appreciate and encourage independent minds.