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Panchak and Death in Hinduism – Solution

Panchak is a period of four to five days in a Hindu lunar month. The period is calculated based on Nakshatras or birth star in Hindu astrology. There are numerous fears and superstitions regarding panchak and death in Hinduism. You can also read the solution to the problems below. The five stars are Dhanishta (Avittam), Shathabhisha (Sadayam), Purva Bhadrapada (Pooruruttathi), Uthara Bhadrapada (Uthrittathi) and Revati.  Panchak starts from the middle of Dhanishta continue until the end of Revati Nakshatra.

Panchak and Death Related Believes in Hinduism

There is a widespread belief that if a death happens during panchak period, then there will be five more deaths in the family or neighborhood.

There is a belief that cremation should not be performed during panchak period. This stems from the above said five more death belief.

During the period, a person should not travel towards south. This is because South is the direction of Yama, the Hindu god of death.

Other Things Avoided During Panchak

It is also advised not to collect materials related to fire on Dhanishta Nakshatra. People avoid collecting wood during this time.

Repairing or constructing roof of the house during the period is considered highly inauspicious. The belief is that there will be financial damage.

New bed is not made during the five days of Panchak.

Wood is not brought during the period.

The Shloka In Hindu Scripture Regarding Panchak

'धनिष्ठ-पंचकं ग्रामे शद्भिषा-कुलपंचकम्।
पूर्वाभाद्रपदा-रथ्याः चोत्तरा गृहपंचकम्।
रेवती ग्रामबाह्यं एतत् पंचक-लक्षणम्।।

Panchak Dosh Nivaran - Solution

If there is death in the family; and the cremation is to be performed during panchak, then make five effigy (human shape) using kusha or durva grass and cremate it along with the body.

If it is necessary to buy wood during the period, then it is brought after performing Gayatri yagya.

If it is necessary to travel south during panch period, then offer prayers to Hanuman by offering five seasonal fruits.

If roof is built during panchak period then offer sweet to the workers before beginning of the construction of roof.

If a bed is made or gifted during panchak period, then use it only after the end of panchak period.