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Jhingurda Hanuman Mandir – A Unique Hanuman Temple at Jhingurda near Singrauli in Madhya Pradesh

Jhingurda Hanuman Mandir is located near Singrauli in Madhya Pradesh. The temple is unique and famous for coconut offering. The first puja item that is offered in the Hanuman temple is coconut.

People wrap coconut in a red cloth and tie it in the temple premises for wish fulfillment. When the desires come true, people offer the coconut in the temple.

Another important offering in the temple the is lotus. The flower is collected from a lake nearby in which lotus blooms 365 days.

The murti of Hanuman worshipped in the temple is Swayambhu – of divine origin. The temple in South Indian style architecture was built by the rulers of Singrauli.

The temple is located atop a mountain amidst thick forest.

Singrauli is famous for its coalmines.

Coconut is an important offering to Hanuman in many temples in India. There is a unique way offering coconut. The coconut is smeared with Sindhoor and uncooked rice before it. (How to offer coconut to Hanuman?)

Sari and Coconut is an important offering to Maa Durga. It is specially offered to Mother Goddess During Navratri. 

Coconut is known as Shriphal in Hindu pujas and rituals. This is because it is pure and auspicious.


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