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Draupadi Vastraharan Story – Panchali Cheer Haran in the Mahabharat

Draupadi Vastraharan, also referred as Panchali Cheer Haran, is an important episode in the Mahabharat. The story is found in the Sabha Parva of the Mahabharata. This episode continues to haunt people. It raises numerous questions in each generation. Every tenet of Dharma was broken in a court filled with of the great minds of age.

Duryodhana, the eldest of the Kauravas, on the advice of his uncle Shakuni hatched a number of schemes and plots against the Pandavas. He could never come to terms with the fact that the throne of his father will go to Yudhishtira the eldest of the Pandavas. His hatred, fear and insecurity grew with him. His evil acts had the silent approval of his father.

Pandavas who created a separate kingdom, Indraprastha, was invited to Hastinapur to play a gambling match. Yudhishtira, the eldest of the Pandavas, was addicted to gambling. Shakuni, uncle of Duryodhana, took advantage of this weakness in the Pandava camp.

Yudhishtira lost his entire kingdom, his brothers and their wife Draupadi.

Duryodhana, who was drunk in triumph over his archrivals, sent for Draupadi to act as his servant. When she refused stating that, she cannot be pawned by a husband who had already become a slave.
Duryodhana then asked Dushasana, his brother to forcibly bring her to the Hastinapura court.

Dushasana dragged Draupadi by the hair. Duryodhana insulted her by inviting her to sit upon his lap.
Bhishma Pitamaha, Dronacharya, Vidura, Kripa, and numerous other scholars and warriors did not raise their voice against this Adharma.

Karna then announced that even the clothes of Pandavas and Draupadi were now not their own and should be removed.

Hearing this Dushasana started pulling Draupadi’s clothes.

Finding her husbands helpless and the great grandsires of Kuru clan silent, she called on Sri Krishna to help her.

As soon as her garments were pulled-off, fresh garments appeared forever and ever without stopping.

Dushasana pulled and pulled, but finally he got tired and sat down without succeeding in his evil intention.

This Adharma gave Sri Krishna the chance to justify the unethical killing of Bhishma Pitamaha, Dronacharya, Karna and Duryodhana in the great Mahabharata war.

Had Bhishma Pitamaha who had the capacity to defeat all those present in Hastinapura court stood up for Draupadi and protected her modesty and Dharma, the great of war of Mahabharata could have been avoided.

Never make the mistake of dismissing Mahabharata as mere story or fiction. It is a reflection of our past, present and future. It is a living entity. It will keep on questioning you. Each incident in it is repeated daily in the world.

Nothing can justify the inaction of the Pandavas, Bhishma Pitamaha, Dronacharya, Vidura, Kripa and all those present in the Hastinapura court when the Draupadi Vastraharan took place. Without worrying for life or situation, it is the duty of each person to protect Dharma.