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Friday Pradosham Benefits – Shukra Pradosh - Mantra - Story - How to Observe

Pradosham is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is observed on the 13th day of a fortnight as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar. Shukra Pradosh is observed when Pradosham falls on Friday. Below is the Friday Pradosham benefits, mantra, Vrat Katha and  how to observe Shukra Pradosh.

Shukra Pradosh Mantra

 क्लीं काममूर्तये नमः शिवाय क्लीं
Kleem Kamurtaye Namah Shivaya Kleem

Friday Pradosham Benefits

As per Shuka Maharishi, those performing Shukra Pradosh will be blessed with all forms of happiness. It is also good for couples. All forms of difficulties in marriage will be removed.

Performing it will help in couples to stay together for a very long period.

The benefit of Pradosham was narrated by Shiva to Sati. He told her that during Kali Yuga, Pradosham is the best way to attain Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. The greatness of the vrat was realized by Sage Vyasa who told it to Suta Maharishi. Suta Rishi then told it to Sanakadi Rishis who shared it with the living beings for their benefit.

Pradosh is an excellent opportunity to escape from all forms of suffering on earth. Trayodasi (13th day of a lunar fortnight) is dedicated to Shiva and it has the capacity to alleviate all forms of difficulties.

Those who observe fast and perform pujas on the day will be able to overcome:
  • Poverty
  • Diseases
  • Death
  • Suffering
  • Pain
  • Unhappiness
A devotee by observing pradosh vrat will have control of the senses.

It also helps in opening the doors of liberation or moksha.

Shukra Pradosh Vrat Katha – Friday Pradosh Story

Chandra, the moon god, married 27 nakshatras – daughters of Daksha Prajapati. Among his 27 wives, Chandra showered special attention and love on Rohini. This caused jealousy among the other wives. They complained to their father. Daksha, who considered this as the arrogance of Chandra, cursed him to die of tuberculosis.

Soon Chandra started losing his luster. He started diminishing in size.

Sage Narada then advised Chandra to worship Mritunjaya form of Shiva.

Chandra then to went to Prabhas Kshetra and offered prayers to Mritunjaya Shiva during the pradosh period.

Impressed with the prayers of Chandra, Shiva appeared before him and gave him a spot on his matted locks. Shiva also gave him the boon that he will keep waning and waxing and this will be a blessing to herbs, medicinal plants and many creatures on earth. They will worship Chandra and offer him pujas.

Shiva is believed to have given darshan to Chandra during the Pradosh period on Trayodasi tithi.

Pradosh time period is the 1 and ¼ quarter hours before sunset.

There is also a belief that Shiva dances in the Rajat Bhavan in Kailash during the Pradosh period.

The period is of great importance to Shiva and this is the reason why the vrat helps in overcoming all forms of suffering on earth.

How to Observe Friday Pradosham?

  • Fast on the day. Fruits, vrat foods, and water are taken on the day. The vrat ends with evening puja.
  • Offer water and bilva leaves to Shivling in the morning and especially during the pradosh period.
  • The lamp on the day should be lit using cow ghee.
  • Chandan dhoop should be offered.
  • Pink color flowers should be offered.
  • Rose flower and rose water should be offered.
  • Fragrance or ithar should be offered.
  • The food or bhog prepared for the day should be white kheer or pal payasam. This should be shared with a married woman after the puja.
  • The mantra क्लीं काममूर्तये नमः शिवाय क्लीं should be chanted 108 times.
  • For prosperity in life, light 13 lamps in a Shiva temple on pradosham which falls on Friday.
  • Offer rose flower garlands to Shivling for all kinds of happiness in life.
  • Ghee should be donated to poor people for happy married life.