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We Ignore the Small Efforts That Could Make Things Better

Quite often, we ignore the small efforts that could make things better. Many a time a relatively small effort can make a large impact.

A personal sense of responsibility is needed if we wish to leave the world a better place.

It is ok if we do not do anything special in world but at least we can make an effort to, not to further damage the earth.

Along with living our lives, we also have the responsibility to make sure that we give the best to our future generations.

We do not need huge resources, time or effort to make small efforts. No matter how small our contribution is, it matters.

A small change can cause a ripple effect – it can set off a series of well intentional actions.

Charity is not the way to make the world a better place. When you do charity, make an effort to make sure that the money influences the society in a positive manner.

Encourage a hardworking needy and poor by paying something extra for their services.

Do not be generous to those who do not need our generosity. We become generous in posh restaurant and in other similar public places to show off and to maintain fake standards.

Buy from poor people and say ‘keep the change.’

When hiring auto or taxi, look to find one driven by elderly people.

Do not bargain with poor old vegetable and fruit sellers.

We knowingly or unknowingly waste a lot of money, food, clothes and other things. But we take pride and have a victorious feel when we bargain with a poor vendor for 5 or 10 rupees.

Have we ever realized how much money our mobile and cable operators siphon off in a month. We never fight with them.

When you knowingly help a hardworking poor person, it is real charity. The extra money that you are giving the person is going to make that person’s life better. May be he will be able to further his business; maybe he might get his wife something better to eat, maybe the medicine required for his parents, maybe healthy food for his pregnant wife or children.