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Shani Dev is Not Black in This Temple at Indore – He Wears Sindhoor 16 Shringar

A unique Shani Temple is located at old Indore (juna Indore area) in Madhya Pradesh. Unlike other Shani temples, the murti of Shani Bhagavan worshipped here is not black but he wears Sindhoor Shringar. The Shani murti worshipped here is of divine origin - Swayambhu.

The Shani murti is formed out of black stone but here He is adorned with 16 shringar. Instead of sesame oil, Shani Bhagavan here is anointed (Abhishek) with water and milk. He is also offered different kinds of seasonal fruits.

In the morning, the murti (idol) of Shani Bhagavan is bathed in water and milk. Then 16 different types of beauty process are performed. He is then offered fragrant flowers and fruits. He wears ornaments, crown, and costly, colorful and beautiful dresses.

Shani Decorated in This Temple in Indore

During certain important dates in the temple like Shani Amavasya, Shani Jayanti etc, it takes nearly 6 hours to get the murti ready for darshan.

The temple is believed to be more than 700 years old. The rituals in the temple are similar to the one followed in Krishna temples in North India. There is so much color, mirth, and happiness.

Usually, in Shani temples, everything is black and there are no colorful offerings. The colorful dresses and the not regular offerings make this Shani temple different. 

Story the Unique Shani Temple

 Legend has it that a blind washerman had a dream in which Shani Bhagavan told him that the stone he is using for washing clothes has the presence of him. The blind man woke up from the dream and prayed to Shani Bhagavan that he did not have the fortune of seeing and therefore he would be unable to recognize Shani murti in the stone.

The next day morning the washerman got back his eyesight. He then recognized the murti of Shani Bhagavan in the stone.

The worship f Shani Bhagavan began from the day.

There is a popular belief that all Shani related problems in life would be solved after offering prayers in the temple.